Loss of student status, suspension and withdrawal of studies

The loss of student status occurs when the student doesn’t pass any exam in eight consecutive academic years. This classification doesn’t apply on students who have just to take the final exam. The student who is losing his status doesn’t have the right to transfer/make passages and other educational procedures anymore; however he can ask for the certification of the carried out academic career, declared lost. If the student who lost his status means to come back to studies, he has to repeat the enrollment procedure (admission test and payment of tuition fees).

If the student means to attend other courses in other Universities or foreign Institutes, or for other reasons properly validated and provided of documentary evidence (work reasons, health reasons, etc.), he can ask for the suspension of studies for one or more academic years. This procedure doesn’t cause the loss of the student status and the ECTS acquired. However, even the activities carried out abroad are to be properly documented and they’re recognized in the student’s career according to rules established by the Nelson Mandela School, provided that they’re consistent with the educational rules applied in respect of the Decree 38/2002. The suspension can’t last over eight academic years.

Finally, according to current rules, the student can make the withdrawal of academic studies by filling a form available at the School Office and on the website (click here). The form, correctly filled and with a tax stamp, has to be delivered to the Teaching Organisation Office together with the student’s record book. The student has to prove to be up to date with tuition payments and he has no right to the return of paid fees.

Please note that the withdrawal of studies is definitiveand it causes the cancellation of the carried out career. However, it doesn’t exclude the student possibility to make a new enrollment and, according to limits established by the Directorate, the possibility to recognize the ECTS previously acquired.

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