The Nelson Mandela School takes part to the European Union bilateral programs for students exchange. The Erasmus+ Programme is regulated by the European Commission Institutional Contract, which is coordinated by the National Agency at MIUR (Ministry of Education, Universities and Research).

The Nelson Mandela School organizes the exchange of students according to agreements with several European organisations, in respect of the Institutional Contract rules.

All the enrolled students who are up to date on both administrative and educational School plan can participate to the Erasmus Program announcement.

 The scholarships assignment is administered according to financial contributions that the National Agency annually allocates, in respect of the rules specified in the announcement. The announcement publishing is set up on the noticeboard and on the website.

The Agency supplies the contributions in EUR at MIUR (Ministry of Education, Universities, and Research) and these are assigned to those institutions acknowledged by the Contract. The Nelson Mandela School makes the scholarship amount available to each single student according to the National Agency rules and time limits.

The stay abroad lasts at least three months. If a student will have to be back before the three months limits for any reason, he hasn’t the right to receive any of his scholarship amounts.

The students who give up their scholarship after acceptance for any reason, have to give back the drawn amounts.

In order to participate to the announcement or to receive further information, the students can address our School Office.

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