servizi studenti

The Nelson Mandela School offers its students many services: The most important are:

Erasmus+ Programme

The Nelson Mandela School takes part to the European Union bilateral programs for students exchange. This activity is regulated by the Institutional Contract drawn up by the European Commission and coordinated by the National Agency at MIUR (Ministry of Education, Universities, and Research).  Hence, the Nelson Mandela School organizes the exchange of students according to agreements with different European organisations which are being improved respecting the rules of the Institutional Contract.

Learning Platform

The Nelson Mandela School created a virtual community on its website where students can enrol themselves for the exams, look up the study plans

Information technology laboratory

The students of the Nelson Mandela School can access the information technology laboratories to make an interactive study of languages and other subjects, by using some multimedia tools, according to times and modalities described in the laboratory.

Online libraries

The Nelson Mandela School provides traditional and audiovisual libraries online consultation services.

Coffee Houses/Partner restaurants

The Nelson Mandela School drew up many agreements with coffee houses and restaurants where students can spend their spare time and socialize.