Multimedia laboratory

Equipped with 25 workstations, a projector, boards, internet, printer, scanner, audio and videoconference system.


Language Laboratory

Equipped with 20 workstations with a projector, boards, internet, simultaneous interpreting box, headphones, monitors. All the workstations are connected to the master by a custom software enabling different and various exercices.

Video Rooms

Equipped with projectors

The Ssml Nelson Mandela video rooms are used to watch films and documentaries in original language.

The Ssml Nelson Mandela provides for a web connecting to high-speed Internet and a separate Intranet web connecting the information technology rooms and the management structure.

The Wi-fi connection is free and can be used without limits by students and teachers.

So, every students can access to the Ssml learning resources, such as the library, the digital educational materials and the on-line platform. The Ssml implements all the announcements, lesson timetables and office hours, lessons, videos, bibliographies, exam programs, etc. on the on-line platform.

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