According to the Decree 38/2002, Article 6, comma 3, establishing the rules for the access to academic studies,the student enrollment to the Degree Course in Linguistic Mediation can be validated only if he passes the Admission Test.

To complete the enrollment procedure you need to bring to the Student’s Officethe following documents within the deadlines set by the Directorate:

The student who is correctly enrolled in the Linguistic Mediation Course can’t be enrolled in other Academic Courses at the same time, according to current regulations about academic studies.

The enrolled students will receive:

The Student’s Record Book

The log-in information to access to the website Reserved Area.

Enrollment to single courses

The Nelson Mandela School also provides for enrollment to single courses. In this case, the applicants have to possess the admission requirements of the year to which the relevant course belongs and they have to pay the fee of the single chosen course. For improving one’s skills or for professional or competitive examinations purposes, the applicant can enroll to a maximum of four courses on each academic year. At the end of the course, the candidate can take the related exam and get a certificate.
For further information about the signing procedure we suggest to address the Student’s Office, or to download the single courses registration form.
Even the EU foreign citizens and the non-EU citizens who legally reside in Italy can sign to single courses, according to the established terms and modalities.
The minimum requirements for the access to single courses are the High School Diploma or a first level/second level Degree The degree is to be translated in Italian by a certified translator, legitimated by competent authorities, according to current regulations and attached to a in loco eligibility letter awarded by the Italian Diplomatic Representation in the Country which awarded the degree.

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