Study Plan

The Linguistic Mediation Course Study Plan has been drawn up according to D.M. (Ministerial Decree)( 10.22.2004 n. 270 270. Therefore, the Course is organised in three academic years, for a total of 180 course credits (ECTs) and it takes inspiration from the educational targets of the L-12 class Degree in Linguistic Mediation instituted by State Universities. In order to reach these educational targets, the Study Plan provides for a total of 21 exams, in addition to the internship and the Final Test (the Thesis Exam). Pertanto, esso è così strutturato:

1st Language: English (L-LIN/12). Mandatory language of study for all students
2nd Language*: One Language chosen among French (L-LIN/04) – Spanish (L-LIN/07) – German (L-LIN/14).
3rd Language*: One Language chosen among Chinese (L-OR/21) – Russian (L-LIN/21) – Japanese (L-OR/22) Arab (L-OR/12).
* If the number of students who have chosen a language (second and/or third) is lower than the minimum
required of 10 students, the student will be asked to choose one of the activatable languages in the current
ECTS: European Credit Transfer System Credits


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