The Degree Thesis

In order to pass the Final Exam, i. e. the Degree Thesis defence, and earn the academic degree, the student will have accrued the total amount of 180 ECTS credits, in addition to those of the internship and of the Final Exam..

On each academic year three Graduation sessions are fixed (the summerone, the autumnone and the winterone). All the dates are published on the Institute’s noticeboardand on the website.

When the student officially asks to take the Final Exam, he has to pay the Fee for the Degree Thesis Defence .

The Judging panel collectively elaborates the final mark, which is expressed in one hundred and tenths: the minimum mark allowing the degree attainment is 66/110. The Examination Board can also award the honours, if they’re unanimously expressed. Anyway, the mark is established in reference to the average examinations marks together with the final exam mark.
In order to prepare himself for the Final Exam, the student has to draw up and write a Thesis that he will orally defense in front of the Judging Panel.
The Thesishas to debate linguistic and/or thematic arguments concerning literature, language and/or the cultures of the studied languages countries, otherwhise arguments concerning the translation/interpreting activities or other arguments related to the attended courses. Anyway, the student has to plan his argument with one or several reference teachers, who hold the role of supervisor during all the Graduation procedure.

The Thesis can be written in Italian or in a chosen foreign language.

The students who intend to take the Final Exam have to bring the Application for Graduation, correctly filled, to the Student’s Office, accompanied by the related amount payment receipt. The payment amount and the prescribed deadlines to present the Application for Graduation are annually published on the noticeboard and on the website.

At the moment of Graduation, the candidate must have learned the C1 level(proficiency) ofCEFR(Common European Framework of Referencefor Languages) in the chosen foreign languages, as summarized in thefollowingscheme.

After passing the Final Exam with positive mark, the Ssml Nelson Mandela awards a Degree which is equal to the Bachelor’s Degree in Linguistic Mediation Sciences, L-12 class.

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