Fashion and Design Management Course

Fashion and Design Management Course (L-12 Class)

The Bachelor’s Degree in Linguistic Mediation Fashion and Design Management Course, L-12 Class aims to provide the students specific skills in the field of fashion, costume and design, together with a strong cultural and linguistic knowledge of the chosen languages, also developing specific skills of the language mediator professional profile, who is Specialised in Fashion & Design Management;
This course trains foreign languages specialists who are able to find employment in leading Italian companies in the export management field.
You’ll learn skills allowing you to communicate in languages other than Italian, translate documents and projects, foster the communication between the several members of staff of organisations and services in the fashion and design sectors.
You’ll be able to carry out linguistic translation, intermediation and consulting service for organisations, institutions and companies engaged in the communication and Brand management of the fashion and design sector and the organisation of sectoral events.
The graduates at this course will work as translators and interpreters or language mediators Specialised in Fashion and Design contexts and in all their economic and marketing involvments

1st Language: English (L-LIN/12). Mandatory language of study for all students
2nd Language*: One Language chosen among French (L-LIN/04) – Spanish (L-LIN/07) – German (L-LIN/14).
3rd Language*: One Language chosen among Chinese (L-OR/21) – Russian (L-LIN/21) – Japanese (L-OR/22) Arab (L-OR/12).
* If the number of students who have chosen a language (second and/or third) is lower than the minimum
required of 10 students, the student will be asked to choose one of the activatable languages in the current
ECTS: European Credit Transfer System Credits

The high-level linguistic skills together with knowledge about Fashion, costume and Design marketing learnt during the three-years Fashion & Design Management course will allow the students to find employment and work as:

  • Interpreter and translator;
  • Language Mediator Specialised in Fashion & Design Management;
  • Export manager,
  • Customer service manager,
  • Customer success manager,
  • E-commerce manager,
  • Key account manager,
  • Back office export manager,
  • Sales manager,
  • Retail manager,
  • Area manager,
  • in Companies of the fashion sector
  • in Companies of design and furniture sector;
  • in agencies of Communication and marketing for the fashion sector;
  • in agencies engaged in the organisation of fairs, fashion shows and events, and in the promotion of Made in Italy and fashion
  • in companies of Import-export.
  • in the Organisations, Institutions and Organisms engaged in the internationalisation of enterprises and manufacturing processes of fashion and design;
  • In publishing houses and for magazine publishers of the fashion and design field, even on-line;
  • Language Advisor for foreign Chambers of Commerce
  • Public Administration
  • Private and Public enterprises


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