Tourism Management Course

COURSE OF STUDY IN LINGUISTIC MEDIATION Tourism Management Course - (L-12 Class)

The three-years Tourism Management Course of Study in Linguistic Mediation, L-12 Class, aims to provide the students theoretical and practical instruments in order to work in the language mediation sector in tourism enterprises, in the hospitality industry, in the administration and private and public organisations for the promotion of tourism and local development.
This course aims to train professional profiles with specific skills who are able to work in planning, organisation and promotion of tourism and cultural, artistic and landscape local and national heritage. At this point, the tourism is intended in its complexity of social and economic phenomenon which is able to create a dialogue between different cultures. This dialogue is to be enhanced for its potentials in the local and national fields and as a valorisation instrument of European identity and for a tangible international cooperation. This Course graduates develop specific language mediator skills with a Specialisation in Tourism Management, particularly referred to the most innovative elements of the promotion and management process of enterprises and organisations in the tourism field and hospitality industry.

1st Language: English (L-LIN/12). Mandatory language of study for all students
2nd Language*: One Language chosen among French (L-LIN/04) – Spanish (L-LIN/07) – German (L-LIN/14).
3rd Language*: One Language chosen among Chinese (L-OR/21) – Russian (L-LIN/21) – Japanese (L-OR/22) Arab (L-OR/12).
* If the number of students who have chosen a language (second and/or third) is lower than the minimum
required of 10 students, the student will be asked to choose one of the activatable languages in the current
ECTS: European Credit Transfer System Credits

The high-level linguistic skills together with knowledge about Tourism learnt during the three-years course will allow the students to find employment as:

  • Interpreter and translator;
  • Language Mediator Specialised in Tourism Management;
  • Tourism and accommodation enterprises or similar careers;
  • Cultural enterprises.
  • Museums, art galleries and other cultural organisations.
  • Marketing and communication agencies.
  • Regional Development Agencies.
  • Bodies for the promotion and protection of the artistic and cultural heritage.
  • Event management agencies, fairs and other events for the promotion of the territories.
  • Managers of fairs, exhibitions and cultural events
  • Managers of conferences and meetings
  • Agencies promoting territorial systems.
  • Cultural/Intercultural mediator;
  • Entrepreneur;
  • Tourism and/or international enterprise manager;
  • Roles and tasks in management of import-export procedures;
  • Officer of international trade relationships;
  • Export Manager;
  • in the Organisations, Institutions and Organisms engaged in the internationalisation of enterprises and manufacturing processes of tourism business;
  • In publishing houses and for magazine publishers, for tourism magazines even on-line;
  • Language Advisor for foreign chambers of commerce
  • Public and private organisations in Tourism sector
  • Public Administration
  • Private and Public enterprises


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